Building reactive PHP apps just got a whole lot easier

Yoyo is a full-stack PHP framework to create rich, dynamic interfaces using server-rendered HTML. You keep on writing PHP and let Yoyo make your creations come alive.

Yoyo is kinda like Laravel Livewire and the Craft CMS Sprig plugin, because it's inspired by them, yet totally different since it's not bound to a specific framework nor CMS. You can use it on any project 🚀

Yoyo ships with its own simple PHP templating system and also has built-in support for the very popular Blade and Twig templating engines.

Yoyo uses and extends htmx to bring modern browser features to HTML so you don't need to write Javascript, unless you want to.

Ok, how easy are we talking here?

Really easy! Just take a look at the code below where you can see a reactive Yoyo component, made of a class and a template, that increments a counter without page reloads.

Yoyo component Counter class

And the template:

Yoyo component Counter template

Finally, to show the component anywhere on the page:

Yoyo component render function

So, how does it work?

All of this takes place without page re-loads, offering a smooth, and slightly magical, user experience.

Are you ready to start?

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